About Amaranthine Mercantile

Amaranthine Mercantile is a small, family-owned, and family-run company located in south-central Indiana. We blend the finest natural ingredients to make the safest, most effective products possible to soothe, heal, protect and otherwise treat your body. We also manufacture many handmade, decorative wood and metal items for your home or office to help stimulate your spirit. We work hard, have fun, and incorporate honesty, respect, and integrity into everything we do. 

Amaranthine Mercantile was started by sister and brother, Melissa Foist (Master Formulator and Skin Care Specialist) and Matt Anderson (Marketing and Sales Specialist), in 2016. The company was created to honor and carry on the heritage of our mother, Eileen Anderson-Ross, after her untimely passing on Christmas Day 2015. Amaranthine Mercantile brand skin and body products are based on formulas that mom spent decades researching, testing and perfecting using only the highest quality ingredients. We only use ingredients that fit our strict natural standards for healthy agriculture, sustainability, and healing properties. Our one-of-a-kind décor is all hand made by our own, Terry Foist (Design Specialist, Carpenter and Master Fabricator), using mostly repurposed items to create works of art that can brighten any day. We combine her years of tradition and research with our beautiful artwork and lots of love to create a company designed to help promote a happier and healthier you.


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